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  Club Members Only Star Party

If you're reading this page, the chances are pretty good that you've attended one of our public star parties and got inspired to join HAS. Congratulations, and E Komo Mai (Welcome)! Now you're thinking about attending one of our Club Members Only Star Parties, and we'd like you to be aware that these Star Parties are somewhat different than our public parties.

At our public parties, you were "entertained" (for lack of a better word) by one of our members who pointed their telescope at a multitude of heavenly objects with ease and confidence. Did you ever wonder how they learned how to do this? It's not easy! It takes time, patience and perseverance to learn what's up there to look at, and then lots of practice on how to find it again with a bunch of people waiting for you to show them the next object. One of the places where our members improve their star finding skills is at the Club Members Only Star Party. The purpose of the Club Members Only Star Party is to provide a venue where the club members can work on their object location skills or other personal observing interests without a line of 20 people waiting to look through their eyepiece. So, don't come out to a Club Members Only Star Party and expect the same "entertainment". Please do come out and join us, but be prepared to work on improving your own observing skills.

Does this mean that you can't talk to or ask for help from the other members? Absolutely not! But, you might have a wait a few minutes for that person to get to a point when they can step away from their own telescope to help you. Also, if you feel you need more help than just an occasional question (e.g.: "I just got my first telescope, can someone help me set it up?") then please ask for this assistance before the star party (at the general meeting or one of the public star parties) to make arrangements with a specific member for assistance.

Lastly, the "etiquette" that applies to our public star parties also applies here. If you're not sure what we mean by this, please review our star party etiquette page.

Mahalo for your cooperation!

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