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  Directions to West Oahu (Geiger Park) Star Party

Geiger Community Park is called Geiger Park on street maps. It is located in the Eva Gentry neighborhood on Kapolei Parkway between Geiger Road and Kahiuka Street. Entrance to the parking lot is on Kahiuka Street. You may also park along Kapolei Parkway adjacent to the ball fields between the No Parking signs (begin and end). Don't park in front of the bus stop, fire hydrants or near the intersection.

Telescopes will be set up in the middle of the open field, and there are restrooms available. This park is in a residential neighborhood so please respect the folks living nearby and avoid making unnecessary noise.

Address: 1129 Kahiuka St
Ewa Beach, HI 96706

Map and directions to Geiger Park


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